Private Investigations

Private Investigation

We recommend our private investigation services to any client whose case relates to asset research, people locating, surveillance, potential insurance fraud, backgrounds, and/or criminal defense. In some cases these services may overlap or may not be necessary. We employ the use of several different sources for optimal outcome.

For the most comprehensive and complete results in asset research we include intensive background information on the following, often overlooked, assets:

  • motor vehicles
  • aircraft
  • property
  • watercraft

Likewise we utilize our nationwide network of contacts in people locating to hone in on those individuals who may not want to be found. Our surveillance is more general but does include setting up platforms when and where necessary to monitor the subject(s) of our clients’ cases.

Our experienced surveillance associates use the latest in technology and tracking to deliver the best quality of video, audio, and GPS results. In cases of insurance fraud clients may opt to have background checks, interviews and surveillance conducted to verify or dismiss claims.

Finally, our criminal defense cases have us pounding the pavement. When necessary we will revisit crime scenes and witnesses, and attempt to locate any additional witnesses. Although the services listed are the most common, our investigations are not limited to those solely.

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