Security Services

Security Services

We recommend our security services to any client whose case relates to personal security, inside security, and/or outside security (for home or business). The personal security aspect of this service includes escort security, bodyguard, and driver options.

The inside security aspect pertains mostly to businesses and revolves around employment background checks, business embezzlement and theft, loss prevention, environmental assessment and analysis, and incident management. Outside security is similar to inside security in that it has some of the same aspects, but they relate to the exterior of the location instead. Those services which are bundled into outside security include incident analysis and environmental assessment & analysis.

Additionally, we recommend management advisory services to anyone seeking confidential expert advice and consultation on business security matters. Several insurances request a semi-annual audit of company security and protocol, which we can complete for our clients.

Although the services listed are the most common, our security services are not limited to those alone.

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